Feasibility study for the third thermal power plant in Vilnius (TE-3)

Bauland and Newsec have collaborated on an extensive feasibility study to explore the development potential of the former site of the third thermal power plant in Vilnius. Originally constructed in 1982, the power plant was closed due to environmental concerns and a lack of need in 2015. The unprofitable operation of the TE-3 power units ceased in 2022, prompting the Ignitis group to commission an urban feasibility study and financial cost analysis to investigate potential future scenarios for the area.

Through the joint effort of Bauland and Newsec, four development scenarios have been proposed for the territory. These include a thematic center (Scenario 0) for phased development, an innovation park for modern production (Scenario 1), a data center, logistics, and warehousing (Scenario 2), and an industrial park for specialized industry (Scenario 3). Financial feasibility case studies were conducted for each of these scenarios, with the innovation park for industrial production emerging as the most promising option.

The best-case scenario offers a range of functions, including innovative industry and production, experimental development and research, and cross-deck offices. To preserve the industrial character of the area, unique architectural elements such as the coolers of the power plant and communication tower will be converted to suit the needs of the innovation park. Furthermore, the development plan includes proposals for integrating biodiversity solutions into the territory, ensuring that sustainability remains at the forefront of the project.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Year: 2022
Project type:  Urban feasibility study, financial cost analysis
Collaboration: Newsec
Client: Ignitis group

Vilniaus TE-3 Power Plant was built in 1982, shut down for environmental pollution and lack of necessity in 2016. Today - a territory in transition.

Best case scenario - park of innovative industry and production

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