▶ As urban planners and architects our mission is to create healthy, sustainable and intelligent cities. We do this through a combination of research, strategy, design and inclusive planning processes.

▶ Our work strives for successful cities and places, which can only happen when urban and natural landscapes are in harmony. We believe in urbanism which strengthens our quality of life and reflects the challenges of warming climates.

▶ We offer services from strategic masterplanning, planning consultancy & policy advice, regional planning strategies, spatial feasibility studies, research & design, realization oriented masterplanning to architecture and urban design.

Want to join the team? Send us your portfolio at hello@bauland.lt, we are always looking for motivated and talented people to collaboratre with!

Donatas Baltrušaitis

Urban planner / Managing partner

Donatas ain’t gonna miss a deadline for the world. Not to mention - it will probably be done way in advance. Combine it with strong beliefs, serious experience under his belt and there you have a quickly growing business.

Agnė Dailidaitė

Landscape architect / Partner


Agnė is our park design goddess. No landscape project is done without her. Under her watch, things just happen smoothly. She has high standards and a wonderful sense of style. Well, maybe not always. No high starndards when opportunity to go for a dip in the water arise - anything works here.

Augustas Makrickas

Urbanist / Architect

Augustas knows how to keep projects moving. Need to organise a meeting? Easy. Price of paint? Consider it done. There is nothing that can stop him. Unless.. there isn’t enough coffee in the office. Nah, he’ll take care of that too.

Milda Pacevičiūtė

Urbanist / Architect

Milda is the best when the job needs to be done with passsion and precision. She will bring quality and great sense of aesthetics to any project. One can take culture from a city, but no one will take culture from Milda, she knows all the best events happening around the corner.

Paulius Kliučininkas

Urbanist / Architect

Paulius is our writer and main analyst in the office. Articles,  explanatory notes, data interpretation - it's his piece of art and creative mind space. And he doesn't limit himself with that. We heard book club movie festivals are a great passion of his.

Office dog

Akela doesn’t take no for an answer. If you don’t play with her better watch your back and guard your chair. Next thing you know - your chair is taken, so is your work for a day. But once you get her on your side she is the best site visitor one could wish for and definitely knows how to enjoy life.


MB “Bauland”
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Phone No.: +370 672 56744
Email: hello@bauland.lt


Our clients and partners range from governmental institutions, municipal administrations, NGO’s, developers to private and public organizations.

+370 672 56744
Vilnius / Lithuania