Feasibility study of Urbo hill complex in Nida

Today, the buildings in the complex are in critical emergency condition and unusable. The infrastructure is not adapted for people with disabilities and is not safe to use. Can we preserve the collapsing complex and resurrect it while actualizing the needs of the cultural community?

The complex territory is protected as part of the Curonian Spit National Park, located in the area of influence of Urbo Hill. The large historical cultural heritage complex is divided into separate buildings located on a sloping area. Finishing is made of various materials, creating a seamless "seaside style". Untapped landscape potential of the complex, the existing structure does not allow for a proper distribution of human flows. During the creation of feasibility study, Residence of Lithuanian Artists volumetric-spatial functional program was proposed.

You can check the feasibility study HERE (LT).
Location: Nida, Lithuania
Year: 2021
Client: Lithuanian Writers Union
Project type: Architectural-functional feasibility study
Bauland team: Donatas Baltrušaitis, Paulius Kliučininkas, Milda Pacevičiūtė

Today, the buildings in the complex are in critical emergency condition.

Existing situation, future situation, functional programme. 

Possible functional zoning of the complex - Residence of Lithuanian Artists

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