Sustainable Panevėžys city development strategy

What kind of identity does Panevėžys city want to be in the future? What is the strongest potential of this city and which strategic themes are most important for future development? How will the city deal with issues such as the climate crisis, youth emigration, air and noise pollution and other challenges?

Together with the new strategic plan of Panevėžys 2030, it is necessary to create opportunities by aligning ambition, strategic development themes and urban vision with local projects into an action plan and recommendations for further sustainable development of the city. Different local actors were involved in a series of workshops while co-creating the strategy.

This feasibility study is a great opportunity to rethink how the city plans, manages and implements future projects. The project aims to promote a healthy city lifestyle, ensuring promotion of new recreational infrastructure, renewable energy, solar parks, community-based projects, sustainable mobility and the quality of the natural environment. Stimulation of responsible production and consumption together with technological development aims to attract new talents to the city.

You can view the finished rapport HERE.
Location: Panevėžys, Lithuania
Year: 2021/09 - 2022/02

Client: Panevėžys city municipality administration
Project type: Feasibility Study, urban analysis, urban strategy, strategic workshops

Collaboration: Mantas Rimkus (Taktika studio)

1) Stregthening the city core

2) Polycentric development on main urban axes

3) Promoting and creating sustainable mobility


               Strategic development themes: ecological, smart, technological, inclusive, productive and compact city.

         Moments of inclusive workshops and discussions while creating the strategy

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