Park of the Mammoth

Bauland together with a strong team of multidisciplinary experts has won the architectural-urban competition to revive a unique geomorphological reserve in the center of Vilnius.

Our vision for Mammoth Park is to introduce the history of the particular formation of Vilnius landscape to the visitors. From here one can overlook Vilnius central area and get to know how much of an impact the landscape had in the process of its development. Vilnius is the only European capital that is located at the edge of the last glacial period. It is for these reason the Mammoth park is planned to be a great source of information about the discoveries of mammoths in Vilnius, the spread of glacie, expressive terrain and specific vegetation.

You can check the winning proposal booklet here.

Location: Vilnius, Šeškinė, Lithuania
Year: 2020/10 - 2021/3

Project type: Contest 
Colaboration: Simonas Saarman, Kristina Gaučė, Ričardas Skorupskas, Vilma Gaudynienė

 Site Plan
  Landscape strategy plan
Park components:

  • Educational Mammoth trail
  • Mammoth lookouts
  • Mammoth pastures (playgrounds, rest areas, garden)
  • Ammunition trail
  • Multifunctional landscape development museum located in ammunition depots
  • Suspension bridge

Vilnius has never emphasized enough its geological uniqueness in European context. The Mammoth Park may be a greater opportunity to bring this topic to light and create a new destination point for both national and international visitors.

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Vilnius / Lithuania