Image ©Dalia Puodžiūtė Seniūnienė and Julius Seniūnas

Landscape design for gymnasium in Vilnius

A landscape design proposal for a gymnasium in Verkiai, Vilnius, was a collaboration with architects Dalia Puodžiūtė Seniūnienė ir Julius Seniūnas.

The design proposal aims to improve and reinforce the current natural landscape by highlighting its identity as a pine forest.

In order to conserve and enhance the majority of the existing pine forest, our goal is to retain groups of mature pine trees and relocate individual trees that cannot be saved in their original location. Main landscape design proposals seek to enhance existing pine groves, thus majority of the new planting will be composed of the various grasses and shrubs that thrive in acidic soil. Shrubs like alder buckthorns, rowans, junipers, and wild blueberry bushes, will constitute approximately 5% of the overall planting. These selected species are native to the area, reducing the need for extensive maintenance.
Location: Marcinkevičius str. 72, Vilnius, Lithuania
Year: 2023

Project type: Open architectural competition
Collaboration: Dalia Puodžiūtė Seniūnienė, Julius Puodžiūnas

Site plan
Main functional zones
The representative entrance and arrival zone of the school welcomes visitors at the beginning of the ‘Avenue’ axis, offering a pedestrian path that connects to the nearby sports complex. The starting point of the representative avenue is marked by lime and pine trees, along with a circular planting bed that features a wooden bench that surrounds it.

Outdoor events and gathering zone
The designated area for outdoor events is situated at the end of the ‘Avenue’ axis. Within this zone, there is a wooden podium specifically designed for hosting various events. Surrounding the podium, there are benches available for spectators to comfortably observe the events while enjoying panoramic views of the Jeruzalės Reservoir, which is visible due to the elevation in terrain.

Multifunctional sports zone
The sports field is located in the southeastern section of the site, adjacent to the school complex. It incorporates outdoor fitness equipment, athletics and running track. The surrounding area of the multifunctional sports field is designed by utilizing a combination of retained and relocated trees.

Circular route for pedestrians
An organically shaped self-binding gravel path forms a circular route around the school, that unifies the designated pedestrian paths to the surrounding areas. In addition to that, site paths are designed in a way that connects to the wider network of the Jerusalem Reservoir and Verkiai Manor, as well as the educational trail of “Santariškės - Baltupiai - Ozas - Neries senvagė”. The pedestrian loop path is enhanced by educational outdoor classrooms, wooden benches and lighting.

Sustainable drainage system ​(SUDS)
A sustainable urban drainage system is implemented along the pedestrian paths to preserve and enhance natural ecosystems. This system serves not only as a natural drainage solution but also offers aesthetic beauty and educational opportunities for students. Furthermore, the system also collects rainwater from the school’s roof. The selected paving materials for the project are designed to be porous, facilitating on-site water runoff.

Parking and arrival
The entrance to the parking area and parking spaces, will be integrated seamlessly into the natural landscape of the western section of the plot. The parking lot will be paved in grasscrete with planting beds interspersed between the parking spots. A total of 16 car parking spaces are planned as part of the design. For bicycles and scooters, a designated parking area will be provided within the secure premises of the school complex, conveniently  located near the main entrance. Additionally, a “Kiss and ride” zone will be established on Marcinkevičiaus Street, adjacent to the proposed pedestrian crossing. To ensure convenient access for maintenance purposes, technical service driveways are planned from both the western and eastern sides of the plot.

Image © Dalia Puodžiūtė Seniūnienė and Julius Seniūnas

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