Klaipėda cemetery development strategy

The purpose of the feasibility study: To supplement the 2018 a prepared study on the most suitable option(s) for cemetery development in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects in the territory of Klaipėda district and/or Kretinga municipality, which would be acceptable to Klaipėda district municipal council and the community of the area and/or Kretinga district municipal council and local community.

Location: Klaipėda
Year: 2021-2022
Project type: Urban feasibility and development study
Client: Klaipėda city municipality

Methodology for selection and assessment of cementery dvelopment areas

Evaluation resuls of selected areas for cementery development. 
11 potential areas for cemetery development were selected and evaluated. These territories are divided into groups: best, average and lowest rating

Priority areas for the development of cementeries. Conceptual diagram of cementery components, functional areas and urbanized environment

Typical plan diagram of the functional model of the cemetery.
The interconnectedness of the components and functional zones of the cemetery.

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