Kaunas New Town

Our mission is to create greener and more vibrant cities. That’s what we focused on in a creative workshop to regenerate Kaunas newtown district.

Bauland and 3 more multidisciplinary teams worked as one to create a new vision for Kaunas New Town. Our role in this process was to see things at a bigger scale, think through the existing and possible urban structure of New Town and links between several parts of Kaunas as well as focus on ecosystems and make suggestions for its improvement.

Link to full workshop booklet
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Year: 2020
Client: Kaunas Municipality, PU-PA
Funded by: Lithuanian council for culture, Kaunas Municipality
Project type: Creative workshop
Photos: Aistė Gailionytė, Lukas Jusas, Simona Reičiūnaitė

The main suggestion for this area was to appreciate what is already there and strenghten the existing:
  • urban structure and its main axes (Laisvės alėja and Vytauto prospektas)
  • functional links between South and North
  • put riverside and slopes into use.

The goal was to create vibrant environment by improving infrustructure for pedestrians and bicycles as well as increasing intensity of different functions in the area. It was important to put an accent on the link between Kaunas Old Town and Kaunas bus as well as train stations to help people navigate the city more easily. It was suggested to revitalised herritage buildings and activate first floors of the buildinga along the main streets.

Kaunas New Town has quite a significant amount of existing trees. It is surrounded by green slopes in the North and Namunas river in the South. Unfortunately, many trees are eliminated during street recontruction phase. It is crucial to create a continues green infrustructure network. It may include saving the existing trees, improving the quality of green corridors along the main streets, creating new ones and providing green links within blocks as well as green roofs. The goal is to improve biodiversity and decrease the impact of climate change in the area.

3 Development models:

Productive model
Intensive development

Sociocultural model
Moderate development    

Ecofriendly model
Developement without building

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