Holistic Humanity Hub in Klaipėda

College of Social Sciences has a vision for a more sustainable future of human life. Combining high-tech innovation with the evolutionary path of human social life there comes to light a Holistic Humanity Hub. 

Bauland was invited to a co-creation of the hub while providing a detailed urban analysis of a specific site combined with urban vision for envisionary project. Hub should integrate functions of wellness and beauty, education and development, socialization and offices together with cultural life and recreation

6 key themes were established that should become the guidelines for architectural design development of Holistic Humanity Hub. Architectural competition has been launched for the site. You can find competition details here.

Location: Klaipėda, Lithuania
Year: 2020
Client: Socialinių mokslų kolegija (SMK) Project type: Urban analysis and feasibility study
Project collaborators: VŠĮ Vario Burnos

Holistic Humanity Hub site location in Klaipėda

After making an analysis it was clear that the site is very unique because of it’s swamp taken large part of the site. The swamp nature wise has a huge impact at a bigger scale considering the site context. It is for these reasons the key focus of urban vision shortly became the harmony that needs to be found between humans’ future activities and the existing inhabitants.

Site for the holistic humanity center is found closeby to unique and valuable nature

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