Cultural center Žvejų rūmai

The members of the Klaipėda City Council College supported the most ambitious alternative to the modernization of the Žvejų rūmai

We have prepared a feasibility study for the modernization of the Fishermen's Chamber together with the Xwhy / Understanding Agency. We started with an assessment of the building and its environment, delving into the history, cultural activities, visitors and staff, values and mission. Working with different stakeholders, we have developed the ambition of the palace and three alternatives to modernize the building to achieve that ambition.

For the later stages of development, we have recommended to the municipality of Klaipėda to organize an international architectural competition to select the best architectural idea to realize our co-created ambition and vision.

Presentation of the modernization concept of the Fishermen's Chamber at the meeting of the Klaipėda City Council collegium: LINK

Project in the news:
Vakarų ekspresas
Location: Klaipėda, Lithuania
Year: 2021-2022
Client: Klaipėda city municipality 
Project type: Feasibility study
Collaboration: Xwhy / Agency of Understanding

Inspirational visual - cultural courtyard fur multiporpuse activities

Inspirational visual - front entrance

Flows of different users: now and proposed 

Implementation in phases: Quick wins, 1 phase, 2 phase 

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