Trakai goes human friendly traffic

Trakai is a historic city and lake resort in Lithuania. It lies 28 kilometres west of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Because of its proximity to Vilnius, Trakai is a popular tourist destination. It’s historic old town has been congested by car traffic.

Civitta together with Bauland has created a feasibility study for Trakai municipality with traffic alternatives to propose a circular one-way traffic system. Project also converts some of the car-oriented streets to pedestrian only. Alternatives are still to be negotiated with local inhabitants.
Location: Trakai Lithuania
Year: 2020
Client: Trakai Municipality
Project type: Feasibility study
Collaboration: Civitta

Existing situation with historical landmarks and main traffic

1st alternative - loop system emptying historical street from motorised vehicules

2nd alternative - regulated traffic reduction

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