Historical Karaimai street in Trakai goes pedestrian and cyclist oriented

Towards a walking world - one step closer.

The aim of the project is to use temporary measures in the section of Karaimų street to create a shared space that calms traffic and humanizes public space. The project is divided into three main chapters:

1. Traffic reorganization. Project proposes to create an experimental co-use space instead of actively
transit streets. Priority is given for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport.

2. Creation of five strategic zones to enhance local identity. Recreation areas are being formed along the street profile with attraction points relating to historical and cultural heritage.

3. Green street concept. Green islands with benches, flowers, tree pots and architectural elements are proposed instead of current car parking spaces along the stretch of Karaimai street.

Location: Trakai Lithuania
Year: 2021
Realization: 2023
Client: Trakai Municipality
Project type: Public space design, tactical urbanism, sustainable mobility
Collaboration: Justina Stefanovič

The first and second phases of the project have been completed, focusing on traffic reorganization and implementing tactical urbanism interventions.

5 Strategic zones were formed to enhance local identity

Phasing strategy for implementation of sustainable mobility in Trakai peninsula

Phasing strategy to implement shared space concept

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