Koksijde Military airport

Master plan for the conversion of a military base into a recreational cluster. Koksijde military ariport is in redevelopment to close up major military activity and reopen it’s infrastructure for public use.

This is based on an optimization of the military activities, which will free up no less than 365 hectares. The development of such an area generates great opportunities for Koksijde and Veurne municipalities, but just as well for the coast and the polder landscape as a whole. Airport flight tracks are being converted to cycling, pedestrian routes, different parts of airport are being reused for airport museum, multifunctional warehouses, sport cluster activities. 

Location: Koksijde, Belgium
Year: 2015-2016
Project type: Territory conversion
Collaboration:  BUUR

The project is done by urban planning office BUUR. Bauland collaborated on creating strategic urban vision and elaborating urban design for the territory.

On the one hand, the project created a new recreational cluster for the West Coast. On the other. the polder landscape and the inner dune edge will be made accessible to a wide public as a landscape whole, via a walkway on the concrete tracks. Flying and its experience are central. Recreational aviation will be further expanded, while Search & Rescue activities will also remain on the site. On the built-up edges, harder functions such as living, working, facilities, public functions are possible.

Different airport tracks for different multiuse activities.

Masterplan, phase 1 and 2

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