Tactical Urbanism in Trakai 

Towards a waking world - one step closer.

Bauland together with Civitta created a feasibility study for Trakai municipality regarding traffic changes in the historic part of town. The study included two possible scenarios how to introduce circular one-way traffic system. With this new shift a possibility to convert some of the car-oriented streets to shared spaces or even pedestrian only arised.

Location: Trakai Lithuania
Year: 2021
Client: Trakai Municipality
Project type: Feasibility study
Collaboration: Civitta

Second phase of this project was a proposal of shared space more in detail. Besides emphasizing shared street space by using paint, five other public spaces were selected to be improved: rest area near the lake, food truck spot next to the main street, main square, festival type area near the park and exposition allay in parklette between the buildings.

The biggest chalange of such change was to support locals whose main incomes are from car parking in this area. It was clear that some suggestions regarding new buissiness opportunities need to be proposed in order to improve the situation while keeping stability and happiness of local people. Few of the possibilities to use their backyards were the following: market place, bike / boat /supsup rentals, exposition space, workshop space using modules or shipping containers, outdoor movie theater.

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